Q-Park creates added value for customers and other stakeholders. Our reputation is and will continue to be based on integrity. Openness and transparency in communication, as well as ethical, accountable and reliable behaviour are of great importance.

Q-Park has developed its own Code of Ethics which describes how its employees should deal with internal, national and international regulations, legislation and guidelines. The code provides procedures for reporting malpractices and a whistleblower scheme. This code has been signed by the members of the executive board (EB) and supervisory board, the directors and other accountable employees.

The EB is responsible for ensuring compliance to the code. The EB shall, at the least, ensure that all employees receive information about the content and spirit of the Code of Ethics.


The purpose of the Q-Park Code of Ethics is to raise awareness of ethical conduct among our employees and representatives by defining in general terms what may be considered as desirable and undesirable behaviour. The guiding principle is that each Q-Park employee adheres to the regulations and codes that apply within Q-Park.

Every employee is required to communicate in an open transparent manner and to act in an ethical, responsible and trustworthy manner. An apparently dependent position due to a conflict of business and private interests has to be prevented. Not only is this in the interest of shareholders and landlords, but it is also in the interest of the individual involved.


This Code of Ethics applies to the EB, directors and to the staff these board members and directors designate. These three categories are referred to in this code as employees. The code remains applicable to those whose term of employment has terminated if this is specifically stated in the text.


The EB has appointed a Code Supervisor. The Code Supervisor not only supervises compliance with the Code of Ethics, but also acts as confidential adviser and consultant to the organisation. On appointment, Code Supervisor's tasks and powers are disclosed. The Code Supervisor fulfils a position of trust and exercises the greatest possible care in dealing with the issues brought to his/her attention.

The Executive Secretary is appointed as Code Supervisor.