In 2013, Q-Park adjusted the remuneration policy for country directors and executive directors. Until then, bonuses depended mainly on financial goals and shareholder value. Their appraisal as of 2013 is based on a balanced scorecard to which non-financial performance indicators were added.

With this we want to emphasise the fact that Q-Park considers social results to be important and to ensure that sustainability risks receive sufficient attention.

Important criteria for determining the non-financial performance:

  • Employee Satisfaction Survey results
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey results
  • Other social and sustainability results

The CSR vision as we have defined it forms an integral part of our strategy and our core activities. We manage the organisation based on a balanced scorecard, which also includes the non-financial aspects, and this is linked to the remuneration policy. In this way, we ensure the management of both financial and non-financial performance which is important for the realisation of our strategic objectives. The remuneration system has been approved by the executive board and supervisory board.