Q-Park Brand Identity: a deliberate choice

Q-Park is a brand – a quality brand in the European parking industry. The Q-Park brand is defined by a large number of visual aids, ranging from business cards to the parking facility decor. Consistency between them enhances and reinforces the Q-Park’s brand identity, boosting confidence in the brand.

The Q-Park logo and its accompanying colours (black, red and white) are always used in the same way as Q-Park seeks to communicate with customers across Europe in a consistent manner. This points out the company’s quality and gives it a distinct identity. Customers are likely to recognise a parking facility as a Q-Park parking facility and know what to expect.

The Q-Park Brand Identity Standards describe the Q-Park style in detail. Q-Park is very keen to see its identity standards adhered to, as that is the only way we can build on the international Q-Park quality brand.

Basic element: the Q-Park logo

The Q-Park name was introduced in 1995. Its logo dates from 1996 and its brand identity elements date from 2004.

Q-Park’s logo is its stylised name with three illustrative ‘parking spaces’. The name Q-Park as well as the logo are registered in Europe.

No deviations of any kind from or changes to the logo or its use in combinations are permitted. The logo is never displayed with or incorporated into any other image or text in altered form.

The logo may be combined with the pay-off, ‘Quality in parking’.

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