Q-Park has a semi-centralised management structure for sponsoring as it provides a high degree of ownership in the market and in consultations with key stakeholders while at the same time ensuring an expert approach. This semi-centralised structure is managed by Q-Park's Brand Custodian (QBC).

  • QBC is responsible for the health of the Q-Park brand, corporate reputation, sponsorship portfolio and maximising the effectiveness of sponsorships. QBC is also responsible for the strategic focus regarding overall marketing and/or brand plans, approving and negotiating strategic sponsorships, and linking opportunities to optimise sponsorships.
  • The country marketing & sales teams are directly responsible for their ‘national, regional, and local’ results, implementation and integration of sponsorship across marketing activities, selecting and recommending opportunities, maximising effectiveness and involving stakeholders.

Accountability for sponsorship

  • The country marketing & sales teams are responsible for selecting sponsorship targets; local, regional or national.
  • Sponsorship (local, regional or national) can only be approved by the country directors team (MD & FD). Basic information regarding approved sponsorships must be send to QBC within a week after approval.
  • If the sponsorship is intended to attract broad national or international media exposure, QBC must co-sign.
  • If a sponsorship crosses national borders, the sponsorship request must be forwarded to QBC who will then take responsibility for selection and final approval/rejection.
  • Responsibility for managing the sponsorship process, managing the relationship with the sponsored event, quantifying sponsorship objectives and stakeholder education lies with the country marketing department.
  • Responsibility for representing sponsorship issues to the board lies with QBC.