Saving costs & reducing CO2

Huge savings on light products & energy bill

Q-Park is installing energy-saving LED lighting systems in an accelerated investment programme to reduce energy consumption, reduce its carbon footprint, and to make massive savings on the energy bill.

This is not only good for the environment, it’s good for the profitability of purpose-built parking facilities.

Investments exceeding EUR 15 million

In partnership with Future Energy Solutions and with investments exceeding EUR 15 million, LED lighting will be installed in more than 200 parking facilities before the end of 2019.

Furthermore, due to its scale, Q-Park has negotiated a 40% reduction on cost per light product.

Q-Park is leading the way in LED lighting

Light intensity will vary throughout the car park. Well-lit, 100 lux, at pedestrian areas where more light is needed, and dimer above parking spaces, an average of 85 lux. Varying the light level according to the function of the area means additional savings while maintaining a safe environment.

The light fittings and installation schemes themselves are designed to meet Q-Park’s specific requirements regarding:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Customer experience
  • Health & Safety standards

An ambitious programme

It’s thought to be the largest project in Europe. It will:

  • roll out in seven countries, done by December 2019;
  • reduce energy consumption by more than 20 GWh;
    • saving 20% on energy => EUR 2.7 million
    • reducing carbon footprint by 7,200 tons

A responsible programme

The new light fittings and lamps are:

  • guaranteed for 10 years
  • maintenance factor 0.8
  • 100% recyclable lights
  • 100% mercury free lights

A major financial and environmental benefit for current and future Q-Park stakeholders and portfolio partners: Project developers and Public & Private Landlords.