Tailored parking options for event organisers

Events have specific needs, we have solutions

Q-Park is keen to partner with event organisers and municipalities that organise large events. Every event has its own specific needs. SAIL Amsterdam is held once every two years, GLOW Eindhoven once a year, while the Amsterdam ArenA attracts thousands of people to multiple events every week.

Whatever the requirements, Q-Park is happy to work with partners to create tailored propositions. Together we aim to:

  • ensure convenient access and exit for motorists
  • give visitors peace of mind with pre-booking
  • help visitors spend less time cruising for a parking space
  • reduce congestion in and around the venue
  • provide multiple access options for visitors
  • offer attractive demand-driven prices

We offer a range of options to meet our partners’ needs, as illustrated by the following examples.

GLOW Eindhoven

Q-Park has a three-year partnership with GLOW Eindhoven, one of the top five light festivals in the world. The week-long event in November attracts 700,000 visitors to a 5-km city centre pedestrian route showing light installations on and in buildings and public spaces.

The varied tariff schemes and pre-booking options give visitors the peace of mind of a guaranteed space in a safe and well-lit parking facility close to the city centre. Visitors and organisers alike benefit from reduced numbers of cars cruising the city for on-street parking.

Johan Cruyff ArenA Amsterdam

The Johan Cruyff ArenA (formerly known as the Amsterdam ArenA) is a popular venue for pop concerts and major sporting events. With a capacity of at least 50,000 people, depending on the event, visitors can cause major congestion on the main north-south A2 motorway.

Here, we offer visitors pre-booking and attractive tariffs to park at our Amsterdamse Poort facilities. While these mean a longer walk to the venue, motorists parking here save time on their car journey to and from the venue thanks to easy access to alternative main roads to and from the venue. This benefits visitors, it reduces congestion and improves mobility around the city of Amsterdam.