Q-Park’s Flex Site Solution provides property owners with an extremely flexible and cost effective way to generate extra income – without operational effort and backed by Q-Park’s quality assurance – by opening up their facilities for public use during specific times.

Examples include parking facilities at apartment buildings, businesses, schools and universities, which are typically only used for part of the day, often during working hours. In the evenings and weekends many of these facilities are closed.

How does it work?

We use an online & onsite access and payment system, which allows motorists to access and exit the parking facility using a debit or credit card. Hosts at our multi-lingual control room monitor and support motorists as they enter and leave the facility and, if required, monitor the car park by CCTV.

Clear information about the opening times and prices are displayed at the entrance of the Flex Site. While short term flex parking usually takes place after office hours and at weekends, the opening hours of a Flex Site can be adjusted depending on the situation. For example, for a special event or during public holidays.

Q-Park publishes information about Flex Sites through its websites and other online platforms, such as apps, as well as displaying details of local Flex Sites in Q-Park parking facilities.

What are the main benefits?

  • Low costs and greater returns on parking facilities for landlords
  • Landlords add to a city’s quality of life by better utilising their parking facilities
  • Q-Park leases and provides all necessary equipment;
    • or Q-Park acts as a service provider, with the option of paying the landlord a revenue-related fee;
    • or the landlord pays Q-Park a management fee
  • All transactions are cashless
  • No paper parking tickets are necessary
  • Parking hosts are quickly on location when called out
  • There is an intercom connection between the location and the Q-Park control room