Whatever type of car park you own, whether it be at offices, a shopping centre or residential area, people who drive to your location expect to find a safe place to park while they are at work, shopping or just at home.

Your car park is a natural extension to the place of work, shopping centre or place of entertainment. Parking should be easy and convenient.

Well-organised parking enhances the visitors experience and gives your location a competitive advantage.

Good parking facilities also ensure that your location is accessible so people will want to visit, work or live there.

Surveillance as a service 

Parking is part of the mobility chain, the last link for people arriving at their destination. Office managers, retailers and property owners need to ensure safe parking for employees, shoppers and residents. Let us take care of your parking facility while you get on with your core business.

Q-Park offers a range of flexible surveillance and control services to help safeguard your reputation. Whether your car park is a purpose-built facility or an open area with or without a barrier, Q-Park’s well-trained parking hosts and parking attendants are there for you.

We have a great deal of experience in operating all manner of parking facilities and ensuring the safety of vehicles parked.

Experienced and well-trained

Our parking hosts and parking attendants are experienced and highly trained. They are easily recognisable in their Q-Park uniform and branded vehicles. They have the latest technology at their disposal to help those parking and to enable them to do their job as efficiently as possible. This includes camera and CCTV equipment and access to the Q-Park Control Room (QCR).

The QCR is also accessible to customers as a source of information and to provide guidance for those parking if the parking host is momentarily unavailable.

Choose Q-Park as your parking surveillance partner

We create added-value for our partners through:

  • Providing value to people parking, we offer:
    • Special parking spaces for families, these are near the pedestrian exit and are wider, making it easier to ensure that infants and children are properly seated.
    • VIP parking, for those in a hurry.
    • Short-term parking, for those running quick errands.
    • Season-ticket parking, for those who drive to the same location regularly, for example at train stations or offices.
    • Permit parking, regulating parking in restricted areas.
  • Achieving synergy in our operations. Clustering surveillance activities increases efficiency and lowers costs and prices.
  • Utilising economies of scale. Our presence in a region means we can offer competitive services to our partners and customers.

We have professional and highly trained employees:

  • In car parks: our parking hosts are there to welcome visitors, answer their questions and help out. For example, they can provide umbrellas and buggies or jump start a car with a flat battery. They can also operate the AED in the event of an emergency.
  • In mobile teams: during off-peak hours when the parking hosts have gone home our mobile teams can be called to a parking facility via the intercom.
  • At the QCR: our QCR is manned 24/7. Our multi-lingual staff help customers in the Q-Park facilities if the parking host is not available.

We have extensive parking and surveillance experience:

  • We have been operating many types of parking facilities for more than 15 years .
  • We operate parking control and surveillance services:
    • According to local custom and in accordance with local legislation.
    • We ensure users know that Q-Park monitors parking at the location.
  • We partner with municipalities and businesses:
    • To ensure the first and final links in the mobility chain operate smoothly.
    • To monitor compliance to local parking regulation.
    • To help businesses run their core business, we take care of the parking.

For surveillance we use:

  • CCTV and cameras to record our control activities and to ensure quality.
  • Recorded footage is kept securely and can be consulted if required.

For parking facilities we provide:

  • Clear signage to direct motorists to car parks
  • Clear notices inside facilities to guide visitors
  • Security & monitoring services
  • Efficient administration services

For our partners and customers we offer:

  • Flexible fees
  • Flexible payment methods
  • Customer service
  • Multiple marketing activities

We are:

  • Located in 10 Northwest European counties
  • Located throughout each country in which we operate
  • Authorised & Legal to conduct surveillance activities
  • Flexible, you select the services you need (pick ‘n mix)