Social trends for the future

Friday, 20 February 2015

by: Qurius

A new holistic era calls for research into and understanding of megatrends for the long term. The Trend Circle gives an overview of twelve social developments.


The Trendslator Trend Circle

Social trends with a duration of ten to thirty years are slow trends. A whole generation grows up before the consequences of these trends are noticeable and become visible. But these megatrends do influence society as a whole, nothing and no one can escape them.

The Trendslator Trend Circle shows an overview of twelve social developments based on two dimensions.

  • One dimension shows two conflicting societal values on a sociological level: individual and group.
  • The other dimension shows two extremes on a psychological level: reason and emotion.

The trends are placed in a circle because they are interrelated, the boarders between the various developments are vague and adjacent developments overlap each other.

Furthermore they influence each other and keep each other in equilibrium. During a particular period certain megatrends may be dominant. Societal values shift, sometimes suddenly and surprisingly, more often this happens gradually and goes almost unnoticed. In addition, opposing social developments may occur simultaneously.

Trendsin the Trend Circle

  • digitalisation = excess of communication
  • robotisation = fusion of man and machine
  • risk management = management of risks
  • ageing = advantages of ageing
  • conservation = longing for the past
  • polarisation = increasing inequality
  • regionalisation = local proximity
  • socialisation = reinvention of the community
  • ecologicalisation = status of the environment
  • humanisation = confidence in mankind
  • feminisation = influence of soft values
  • dematerialisation = rise of the intangible

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