E-car demand growing, global market hits 740,000 units

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

by: Qurius

Demand for electric vehicles (EVs) is growing around the world fairly rapidly, according to new analysis from the Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research — with more than 320,000 new EV registrations in 2014, bringing the total global market up to 740,000 vehicles.

electric-cars-worldwide-total 2014.png

Top electric car countries. Total number of electric cars on the road on 1 January 2015.

Alongside that, battery suppliers saw strong growth — with total revenue hitting €2 billion ($2.17 billion), according the German research company behind the analysis.

The majority of this somewhat rapid growth is the result of just a few companies leading the charge, so to speak — these companies are mostly those you would expect: Nissan, Tesla, and Mitsubishi, amongst others.

Top-5-ELectric-Car-Models 2014.png

Top 5 electric car models.