'Natural Restrooms'

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

by: Qurius

PurePoint, with its ‘Natural Restrooms’ concept, will upgrade and operate the toilets at a number of Q-Park's Amsterdam parking facilities. Q-Park Museumplein will be the first car park to offer the new toilet service to Q-Park customers.

“At Q-Park, high quality and good service are the starting point,” explains Mark van Haasteren, Managing Director of Q-Park Netherlands. “By partnering with PurePoint, we can add an extra dimension where the toilets are concerned - even better, neater and cleaner. What's more, the eco-concept complements our strategy seamlessly.”

Eco-smart solutions

Berthil Dolmans, on behalf of Pure Point: “Our PurePoint Natural Restrooms are pleasant toilet facilities, where guest service and comfort are key. We use natural materials for furnishing, hand towels, toilet paper and cleaning. Above all, so-called eco-smart solutions also ensure limited water and energy consumption. The walls are made from natural sugar cane fibres, the toilet paper is certified cradle-to-cradle, and the taps provide for a pleasant experience while still delivering 80 percent water savings compared to traditional taps. In other words, our PurePoint Natural Restrooms are pure, pleasant and personal.”

Purepoint entree.jpg

Action Plan

Q-Park Museumplein's toilet facilities will be expanded to three urinals and four toilets, which will be open 24 hours a day. During peak periods, a hospitality attendant will be present and additional products will be on sale at the reception. The renovation work begins on 5 June and the new toilets will open on 18 July. These will be followed by Q-Park Byzantium (one toilet), Q-Park De Kolk (two toilets), Q-Park Westergasfabriek (one toilet) and Q-Park Euro Parking (two toilets).

PurePoint is a joint venture between Dolmans Group and CWS. Dolmans Group takes responsibility for the construction and maintenance of PurePoint facilities. CWS ensures that all PurePoint locations are (and continue to be) maintained with the best facilities, equipment and supplies.