RAC Report on Motoring 2015

Thursday, 1 October 2015

by: Qurius

This year’s RAC Report on Motoring paints a comprehensive picture of drivers’ views on topics they think are most important. The report shows how concerns and attitudes are changing over time and also offers early insight into issues which may become more prominent in the future, such as driverless car technology. Download the report here.

Some key findings in the 2015 report are as follows:

  • There is increasing concern about other drivers being distracted by mobile phones.
    • The dangers posed by other motorists using their mobile phones to talk, text or go online are a growing worry for many drivers. More than a third (34%) say this is one of their top four areas of concern this year, but rather than increased penalties, most drivers (79%) want to see more effective enforcement of existing laws.
  • Low running costs are the main reason why drivers choose environmentally friendly vehicles.
    • Environmental concerns are low on the list of motorists’ priorities: only 2% rate them as their number one issue. But drivers will consider buying low-emission vehicles if they are cheaper to run in terms of fuel costs and vehicle tax. Almost one in five (19%) say they will consider buying a hybrid or electric vehicle as their next car – but for half (47%) of this group this would be because of an expectation of lower running costs rather than because of environmental benefits.
  • Motorists recognise the benefits that new technologies bring but are unwilling to pay very much extra for these.
    • There is a recognition of the benefits that driverless cars will have for disabled and elderly drivers though only a quarter (27%) think such vehicles will make road travel safer. Motorists recognise the benefits that new technologies such as automatic emergency braking, telematics and dashcams can have on safety and security but appear unwilling to pay very much extra for these over and above the basic cost of the car.
RAC Autonomous car timeline evolving.PNG