Emerging trends in parking (2)

Thursday, 12 November 2015

by: Qurius

From the IPI 2015 Emerging Trends in Parking report: among the top 10 emerging trends in parking, half relate directly to a range of different technologies that have revolutionised the parking sector in the past few years. Topping the list are:

  • innovative technologies that improve access control and payment automation (53 percent),
  • demand for electronic cashless payment (44 percent),
  • prevalence of mobile applications (47 percent),
  • real-time communication of pricing and availability to mobile/smartphones (41 percent) and
  • wireless sensing devices for traffic management (22 percent).
IPI Parking Trends 2015 Top 10 Emerging Trends in Parking.PNG

Good news for parking professionals: a top trend remains greater “collaboration between parking, transportation, and decision-makers,” which industry experts believe is a pathway to solving many problems.