Emerging trends in parking (4)

Thursday, 19 November 2015

by: Qurius

From the IPI 2015 Emerging Trends in Parking report.

The changing demands triggered by societal changes have broadened the responsibilities of the parking professional. Thirty-one percent of those surveyed consider themselves to be experts or very knowledgeable about transportation demand management (TDM). TDM involves policies and strategies to reduce congestion by encouraging alternatives to single occupancy vehicle use.

IPI Parking Trends 2015 Beyond parking cars.PNG

Most respondents’ programmes also include a variety of elements beyond parking, such as improving conditions for cyclists and pedestrians (47 percent) and cycle/transit integration (43 percent), special event management (43 percent), shuttle services (40 percent), car sharing (40 percent), park and ride (33 percent), and ride-sharing (33 percent). About one quarter of all those surveyed are also involved with shared parking, commuter trip reduction programmes, traffic calming, bike-sharing programmes, and a wide range of schemes that promote alternative transportation modes.