Usage of innercity parking spaces on the rise

Thursday, 31 March 2016

by: Qurius

Extract from Spark newsitem March 2016.

After many years of decline, the usage of innercity parking spaces shows an rise again as of 2014. This development is proven by the Parking Barometer, a research conducted by Spark and the Erasmus University of Rotterdam on the usage parking spaces in 21 innercities.

Spark parking production increase

Development index of sold parking hours (car parks + onstreet) related to CBS domestic spending.

The Parking Barometer follows the development of parking production (number of sold parking hours per parking space per year) as of 2008. Data collected from 21 cities shows that the number of sold parking hours between 2013-2015 has increased by 3.3% on average.

The parking production has had a stronger decline than domestic spending over the past years, however, it recovers more quickly.

Note; in all researched cities, the parking tariffs stayed the same or has increased over the last two years.