Enhance the car parking experience for motorists

Thursday, 27 October 2016

by: Qurius

Owners and operators are encouraged to be creative when thinking of methods to enhance the experience for motorists. Here are some simple ideas (good practices) for improving the quality of parking provision:

  • Introducing new payment methods could make a huge difference in terms of the convenience and experience of the motorist.
  • Collect data on fluctuations in car park occupancy wherever possible and use this information to refine your car parking provision to moderate demand. This could be combined with new payment methods.
  • Provide real time parking information to assist motorists in finding available space efficiently.
  • Understand the tariffs which are applicable at the relevant point of the day or night.
  • The removal of disproportionate enforcement for minor parking infringements.
  • Integrate new parking facilities into the existing public realm in terms of style and design to ensure there is a unified look.
  • Reinvest periodically in car parks to ensure they remain at a high standard to avoid potential health and safety issues that are common with older structures.
  • Bring together private and public providers of car parking provision to ensure there is co-ordination between all on-street and off-street car parks in a town centre in order to fulfil a strategy for mobility and accessibility.
  • Calculate the potential impact a rise in car parking revenue will have on the local business community and the subsequent collection of business rates before implementation.
  • Use smart technology to reward customers for visiting the town centre and link rewards to the payment process for parking. Smart ticketing, smart cards or even smart phones can provide customers with intelligent services that could influence their behaviour in a number of ways from switching to public transport or receiving discounts for driving into the town centre during off-peak periods.