Monetising parking permit areas

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

by: Sacha Oerlemans

A recent article on the Dutch website discusses how municipalities can transform permit-holder only parking areas from an expense to a benefit, and at the same time improve the quality of life on the street.

Monetising permit areas

Signage is also an important aspect of monetising parking permit areas

Greater benefits for the municipality

Currently, municipalities provide parking spaces reserved for permit holders, who pay the municipality for their parking permit. The municipality has a duty to enforce compliance but because non-compliance is classified as a parking offence, the penalty is collected by central government. This means there is a net cost to the municipality to enforce compliance, and in practice, this is only done after complaints have been received.

By making some carefully thought-out changes to its parking regulations, the municipality can change non-compliance into a taxable event, and collect the penalty itself. In turn, this would make the necessary budget available to perform extra compliance monitoring in the areas themselves which will also benefit the quality of life in these permit-holder only parking areas.

Adjusting parking regulations

Monetising parking permit areas starts with having the municipal council adjust the parking regulations. They must agree to introducing a day ticket for parking in an area intended for permit holders. By setting a high tariff for such day tickets, it will not be attractive to visitors to park in residential, permit-holder only, areas adjacent to the city centre where parking is already regulated. Subsequently, people parking without a valid permit, will receive a parking penalty payable to the municipality rather than a fine payable to central government.

Limited number of parking meters

People parking can purchase a day ticket via their telephone or from additional parking meters. Regulations for the maximum walking distance to a parking meter where the motorist enters their number plate must be adhered to. By placing the parking meters at strategic locations, municipalities can limit the number of parking meters required.

Information signs

When introducing a new payment regime, signage must also be adjusted. The existing sign for permit holders (zone sign E9) will remain applicable, but an additional sign with the wording 'day ticket permitted' will be needed.