Vehicle technology makes roads safer

Over the past 30 years Europe’s roads have become safer – for vehicle occupants as well as other road users – despite a three-fold increase in traffic.

The European Automobile Manufactuers Association (ACEA) has produced a video explaining how features in modern cars contribute to road safety and to reducing road accidents and the severity of injuries.

Road safety is a shared societal responsibility. Governments set regulations, manufacturers create safer cars and motorists must always drive with care. However, statistics show that 95% of all accidents are caused by human error. This may be due to poor anticipation, an inappropriate response to a hazard, or violation of road traffic laws.

Road safety can be further increased by combining new improvements in vehicle technology with complementary Intelligent Transport System (ITS) measures. If these are coupled with better training, improved road design, and enforcement of existing traffic regulations, traffic accidents and fatalities could be reduced even more.

ACEA Fact Sheet.jpg

Many safety improvements introduced by manufacturers in recent years are those needed for autonomous vehicles. The infrastructure is not ready for AVs yet, but society can start taking advantage of the technology today to make our roads safer.