Passionate about space

Space for nature, leisure and culture.

Are you passionate about space, about people, about the living environment? Are you also passionate about enabling people to move around? Together let's thrive on providing communities and people with ample room to manoeuvre!

Rotating: Neumarkt Dresden, Museumplein Amsterdam, Israels Plads Copenhagen, Hyde Park London, Alexanderplatz Berlin.

Let's provide space! Space to park cars at locations where people want to be. Space to walk, cycle, exercise or play sports. Space to socialise or just enjoy the surroundings. Space for nature, leisure and culture to be visible in its full glory.

Wherever possible, let's give the public space back to the community and enable people to use space as they see fit. This means that parking facilities are constructed under parks and squares so that cars and coaches are off the streets and out of sight.

Public spaces that were previously packed with parked cars can now be returned to the community, improving liveability for all.

In collaboration with local authorities we create a total mobility concept in which passenger cars are directed to their destination as quickly as possible. By investing in underground and smartly positioned multi-storey parking facilities we help reduce the number of parked cars on the street. Together with urban planners we create:

  • Open and safe squares without car traffic – for markets and cultural events, where people can walk around, sit at a café, and enjoy the historical city centre.
  • Open and safe parks without car traffic – for people to relax, walk, cycle, run or play. Where they can enjoy the greenery, the silence, the pond and the ducks.

Q-Park gets it

It is Q-Park who simplifies the much needed economic and social connections and integrates these with a multitude of mobility choices to actually ‘get there’ in order to ‘get it’.