Q-Park Awards Overview

Celebrating five years

In cooperation with the Erasmus University Rotterdam, Q-Park established the Q-Park Thesis Award in 2014 for the best master’s thesis on parking and mobility written at a University in the Netherlands or Belgium.

We have commissioned a theses book to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Q-Park Thesis Award and to give an overview of the winning theses. In each of the four sections we reproduce the abstracts1 of each thesis that was awarded a prize in the period 2014 – 2018.

Bridging the knowledge gap

When we established this award in 2014 our purpose was both internal and external: on the one hand we wanted to mark the retirement of our founder, Ward Vleugels. On the other we sought to bridge the considerable gap between academic research on parking and its practitioners in the parking sector2.

As a parking operator Q-Park has welcomed the dramatic rise in academic literature on parking in the last 15 years. But we have also noted the knowledge mismatch between what practitioners need in the field and what academics have produced. Put simply, the two are driven by different goals.

But as the theses presented here show, the two worlds can come closer to generate new knowledge which combines both academic rigour and new ideas for practitioners to tackle current and future challenges.

Fourteen winning master theses in five years

In the first five years, more than 40 master theses were submitted to the Q-Park Thesis Award from leading universities in the Netherlands and Belgium; 14 received a prize, and 13 theses are presented in this publication. The theses have been assessed by a jury of academics and practitioners based on their academic and socio-economic relevance.

Each thesis should provide new knowledge for the parking sector and must be distinguishable from previous research. The theses include both qualitative and quantitative research and all of them meet rigorous academic standards.