Our parking facilities are attractive and inviting. We provide owners of facilities that require an upgrade with solutions that improve the appearance and customer accessibility, thereby maximising the value of their parking property.

We take the local surroundings and community, customers’ requirements, and specific local issues into consideration. This includes integrating existing environmental or architectural aspects, ensuring that upgrades are carried out on time, within budget and with minimal inconvenience to the community and customers.


Our upgrades improve services, products and operational processes in a number of different ways, including:

  • Clean, well-lit and secure parking facilities
  • Economically efficient and durable parking facilities
  • High-calibre finishes using sustainable materials, such as natural stone, clean brickwork, glass and stainless steel
  • Clear and informative smart signage
  • Energy-saving lighting systems
  • Dry and non-slip floor surfaces
  • Air filtering and fire prevention
  • Well-trained staff, with emergency, first aid and AED certificates
  • State-of-the-art security systems, with 24-hour connection to our international control room

Asset to the community

We work with local authorities to create a facility that will be an asset to the community. Our traffic, building and business economics experts conduct traffic, parking and sustainability research to provide our strategic partners with custom-made parking solutions.

We seek to improve our services, products and operational processes constantly — from payment possibilities and parking guidance and access systems, to marketing opportunities.