Season tickets

Season tickets offer excellent value for money and are a very convenient option for those who frequently park in the same car park, for instance: employees at local companies, residents and regular visitors to the area.

As a known customer, you can drive in and out of your chosen Q-Park parking facility according to the terms of your season ticket (7x24, 6x24, 5x24, office, nights, etc.)

Parking outside your season ticket hours

Your access device grants you access to the car park 24 hours a day; in other words, you can also park outside the standard hours of your season ticket. The parking fees owed are then automatically debited from your account each month based on the regular parking tariff. If you do not wish to park outside your season ticket hours, this option can be blocked on request.

Some of the benefits:

  • You always have a parking space
  • You pay the most favourable rate
  • You don’t have to queue at the payment machine
  • You don't have to pay with cash

Value cards

Value cards are prepaid cards with a parking value in time or money. These value cards enable motorists to park for a reduced tariff or other promotional offer in a specific Q-Park car park. Value cards are an ideal way of making life easier for customers of shops, restaurants, cinema's, gyms, public transport, and the like!

Some value cards can be recharged, others are for onetime use only or for a specific number of consecutive days. Value cards can be bought online or from the parking host, per single card or in bulk.


We enable our customers to pre-book a parking space at selected locations, be it for a lunch, an evening at the theatre, a weekend city trip or for a vacation. We have multiple options in various markets. Please visit the appropriate country website to see what’s on offer.

Real-time information

Q-Park supports the growing need for static and real-time parking information, ensuring that the parking information provided is correct and consistent over all channels and readily available. Our own systems, such as Q-Park websites, apps and parking route information systems, already display consistent and correct information.

Our information is also available for third party systems (i.e. local authorities’ websites, mobility apps, route planners and navigation systems). With regard to external systems and their operators, we seek to establish Service Level Agreements together, ensuring that our mutual customers are not misinformed nor have access to outdated information.

Onsite services

Each of our Q-Park car parks is equipped with a unique set of convenient services so that our customers feel superbly looked after from arrival to departure and enjoy an exceptionally positive experience.

Heart defibrillator (AED)

What do you do if someone falls ill in the car park? In many of our facilities, we provide automated external defibrillators (AEDs) for trained lay people who are able to provide crucial emergency medical help whilst waiting for an ambulance or paramedic to arrive.

The availability of an AED in car parks in dense urban areas is judged by our customers as one of the most valued services. The AEDs ease of use has led to the increasing development of public AED programmes. The efficacy of defibrillation is directly linked to how quickly it is administered. The sooner the AED is used, the more likely that it will be effective − restoring a patient's heart beat quickly increases the chance of full recovery.

As every minute counts – it is important to have AEDs available, publicly accessible and preferably connected to an AED programme. We endeavour to facilitate the optimal response time of 3 minutes or less.


The availability of toilets in our car parks is judged by our customers as one of the top 3 services we provide (next to AEDs and jump starters). As we are host to many customers and the average person needs to visit the toilet 2,500 times a year – about six to eight times a day – it is highly likely that they will need to use our public restroom services.

Our public restroom services are available for use by the general public and have one or more toilets and possibly urinals as well. We commonly have separate restrooms per gender, although some may be unisex, particularly the smaller or single cubicle facilities. Restrooms may be unattended or staffed, for our staffed public toilets we generally charge a small fee for use.

In situations where there are ample public restroom services located within 300 metres of our car parks, we don't provide toilets ourselves but we will have signage directing visitors to the nearest facilities.

Jump starter

Leaving your lights on by accident and ending up with a dead battery − it can happen to anyone. That’s why we help our customers get back on their way quickly with a jump starter. All Q-Park employees are trained to use this equipment.

Car charge, rental and repair

Additional car services we provide, as e-loading, car rental and car repair, will differ per country and car park, depending on the needs of our customers.

Payment services

A large part of our income comes from individual parking transactions, while the remainder comes from season tickets and value cards. Q-Park adapts its range of season tickets and payment methods to meet customer demand. Payment can be made in cash, by payment card or by invoice.

We have partnerships with banks and multiple Payment Service Providers, in order to facilitate our customers with multiple online and digital onsite payment solutions. Being able to provide convenient and secure debit and credit card payment at exits, which need online connections in accordance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, is something that requires substantial investment in terms of time and money. We are currently implementing these payment options at appropriate locations.

My Q-Park

My Q-Park is a support portal that enables customers to view their invoices, their loyalty programme progress and, where appropriate, their flex credits online. The portal also enables our customers to pay their invoices online.