Q-Park Financial Services (QFS) is the Q-Park Group's in-house bank. As such, it is responsible for all banking relationships and funding across the organisation. By managing the company’s financial risk, treasury and cash management functions, QFS maintains financial stability and supports Q-Park's strategy. This ensures that our 10 operating countries are able to carry out their core business successfully.


QFS is responsible for Q-Park’s short-term and long-term funding. This is achieved by attracting funding from banks and investors which is then lent to our operating countries. Negotiating the company’s entire funding requirements centrally gives us greater bargaining power, resulting in more attractive lending rates.

In July 2015 for example, Q-Park signed a new Revolving Credit Facility of EUR 925 million to refinance the existing Group Credit Facility of EUR 1.15 billion. The Credit Facility is provided by an international bank syndicate of 5 banks: ABN AMRO, Rabobank, ING Bank, KBC Bank and HSBC.

Cash management

QFS is also responsible for cash management within the company. Managing our cash needs centrally improves efficiency, which means less cash is needed across the organisation.

The future

Looking ahead, we will continue to streamline our cash management process and optimise our financial risk profile. The aim is to centralise all cash from across the organisation at the end of the day. This will create greater transparency, enabling us to better manage our cash needs. In the longer term, we will study options to refinance our external debt, and aim to initiate projects on working capital management and cash forecasting.

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