Lyon Perrache Archives

Improved the living environment

In recent years, the southern tip of Lyon’s central peninsula — a manufacturing and transport hub — has been the focus of an unprecedented urban renewal project.

This riverside site in France’s second-largest city is re-embracing its natural environment by highlighting its outstanding location and unique landscape. Set to double the size of the city centre when completed, the project is a rarity in Europe, and a major challenge for the metropolitan area.

We partnered with Grand Lyon Communities to create a parking facility that would improve the living environment of the local district and serve one of the city’s two major railway stations, Gare de Lyon-Perrache.

With a number of local buildings and offices built to exacting architectural and environmental standards, it was vital that the parking facility achieved the same high standards.

Oasis of nature

We accomplished this by building an eight-level facility, created in a spiral structure, housing 649 parking spaces. Within the spiral ramps we built two 22-metre vertical vegetal walls, containing plants adapted to low-light levels.

Unique within a European parking facility, the vegetal walls create an oasis of nature in the most unexpected of locations.

Different coloured lighting on each parking level helps customers remember where they parked, while creating a warm, vibrant atmosphere.

As in all Q-Park facilities, the focus was on providing a safe, efficient and welcoming environment. This has been achieved by installing:

  • Central CCTV surveillance
  • A fire detection system connected to the fire brigade
  • Lighting controlled by motion detectors