Museumplein, Amsterdam

Access car park opposite Royal Concert Hall

Smart upgrade

Being in use for over 15 years, the Museumplein car park was in need of an upgrade. It was necessary for both the technical and lighting installations, as well as the floor. This presented the opportunity to revisit the layout of the parking facility to enhance customer convenience.

Original design

The 1999 design was based on the minimal requirements of the NEN norm of those days and no longer fits the needs of today's parking customer. The width of parking bays and roadway was marginalised and the parking angle was not great.

Improved parking bay and roadway width

The Q-Park Real Estate Design & Engineering Team embraced the chance to upgrade the parking facility, knowing the budget and time constraints. As recoating was needed, they could significantly improve customer convenience by rotating the layout of the -1 parking floor. This smart upgrade increased;

  • Parking bay width from 2.30m to 2.50m
  • Width of the roadway

Now there is more traffic space and more room to manoeuvre!

Original design, parking bay width 2.30m

After upgrade, parking bay width 2.50m and wider roadway

Original layout and rotated layout after upgrade - increased customer convenience at the expense of less than 10 parking spaces

Coaches park underground

What's important too is what you don't see - You see no coaches with their engines running around the Museumplein as coaches park in a special coach park underneath the Museumplein.

Coaches park underneath the Museumplein

Facts & Figures

  • Original architect is Kees Dam
  • EUR 1 million smart upgrade budget
  • 586 parking spaces for cars
  • 25 parking spaces for coaches
  • 24/7 PurePoint eco-smart restrooms