Magasin du Nord, Denmark

“Magasin du Nord - a landmark since 1870.”

Q-Park Magasin du Nord is part of the renowned department store ‘Magasin du Nord’ - a Copenhagen landmark since 1870. Today Magasin du Nord is owned by Debenhams who runs 6 department stores across Denmark.

Q-Park operates the parking facilities for 4 of their stores. These are fully integrated with the department store and customers have direct access from the car park. After Q-Park's Magasin du Nord pervasive and successful renovation, the facility has been nominated for an EPA Award in the category "Best renovated facility".

Q-Park Magasin du Nord is an accessible and inviting parking facility for the large group of visitors who, every day, make use of Copenhagen's many attractions. It is not too much to say that the parking facility, at the centrally located department store, has the city's best location with easy access to both the Magasin, shopping streets and Kongens Nytorv (public square). Both inside and outside the complex has been stylishly recreated in particular steel and glass, so it is now elegant, bright and simultaneously authentic in its expression.

Magasin du Nord routing

Facts & Figures

  • Location: Inner city, Copenhagen
  • Operated since 2003, revonated in 2013
  • Type: multi-storey and underground car park
  • Capacity: 239 cars / 8,000 m2
  • Bicycle parking
  • Access / exit points: 2
  • The refurbishment:
    • Improved visitor guidance and lighting
    • New floor coating with painted routing information
    • Availability information at access points
    • Parking Host lodge
    • Restrooms

Magasin du Nord motorist access / exit

Safety, security & lighting

  • Bright and well lit ramps and parking floors
  • Façade windows allow for sunlight during the day and are lit with LED for extra light at night
  • On-site Parking Host
  • 24/7 assistance + video surveillance via Q-Park QCR
  • Access control via:
    • Speed gates at access / exit points
    • Card readers at pedestrian doors
  • Glass doors at stairwells = no “blind” spots = safety
  • Fully integrated fire alarm system
  • On-site AED

Environmental care

Bright & well lit parking floor

  • Energy saving light systems - separate motion sensors have been installed on each level of the car park
  • Heat re-cycling - a heat pump uses the excess heat from the server room to heat-up the parking host lodge
  • Less search traffic = less CO2
  • LED sign at access guides customers to the underground car park when the multi-storey car park is full

Nyhavn - old harbour


Magasin du Nord is located right next to the world’s longest pedestrian street, called Strøget. Approx. 250,000 people pass through this street each day during the summer. Many famous attractions can be found in the surrounding area:

  • Strøget (pedestrian street)
  • Kongens Nytorv (public square)
  • Det Kongelige Teater (Royal Theatre)
  • Nyhavn (old harbour)

Map of POI