Shopping Meir, Antwerp

Shopping street Meir

“Stylish parking facility in a trendy city.”

Map of the area

‘Shopping Meir’ is located 50 metres from Antwerp’s largest and most famous shopping street ‘Meir’. The Meir is free of traffic, has numerous beautiful historic buildings and has about 240 000 visitors every week.

Not easy to find

The Q-Park Shopping Meir parking facility is built on a top location yet not easy to find. It used to be a ‘season ticket only’ parking facility, in poor condition and in a rather desolated environment.

A side street of the Meir leads to the Rubens House. The Wapper, the square in front of that museum, has several pub terraces. It is the ideal place to take a break and recharge your batteries for the next round of shopping.

Shopping & Architecture

Thanks to its historic architecture and prestigious character, the Meir makes shopping special. The immensely beautiful Rococo buildings on the Meir are worth a visit as they house major European chain stores. It makes this traffic-free boulevard the preeminent hotspot for every shopaholic.

Q-Park Shopping Meir

Motorist access

SMART quality renovation

Q-Park Shopping Meir - before renovation

Q-Park Shopping Meir - after renovation

Q-Park has upgraded the parking facility according to its ‘SMART’ quality renovation proposition and within the limitations of the existing structure and infrastructure. The bright and clean effect was generated through improved lighting systems, white painted walls and light-grey coating.

In May 2006, the facility opened, providing 141 parking spaces on 15 split levels whereby ramps are shared by upward and downward traffic, granting 24/7 access and exit. The ‘SMART’ renovation of the Q-Park Shopping Meir resulted in a stylish integration with the environment at a top location.

A parking guidance system in the parking facility helps customers to find their available parking space and strategically positioned mirrors improve the motorists view of upward or downward traffic, increasing a sense of safety and control. The perforated steel plate speed gates combine a secure feeling with a sense of openness.