Q-Park PaSS PlatePay is an Access & Exit innovation, connecting automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) with a payment option. For ease of use by fleet owners, landlords and customers.

Q-Park LED Transformation Project is the largest project of its kind in Europe, ensuring that our parking facilities take full advantage of the latest energy-saving technologies. Investment exceeds EUR 15 million, achieving an annual energy consumption drop of more than EUR 2.7 million and 7,200 tons of CO2.

Q-Park Prevent Smash & Grab Campaign - A communication campaign to reduce theft from cars, which won an EPA Award in 2017.

Q-Park Cashless & Contactless Payments - An innovative scheme to increase customer convenience and safety, which won an EPA Award in 2017.

Q-Park Informative Blogs - A knowledge sharing platform with the aim to inform and inspire parking professionals, landlords and local governments, enabling them to be smarter when interacting on parking and mobility issues. A shortlisted project for the EPA Award 2017.

Q-Park's 'Quintessence – the logic of paid and regulated parking'.

Q-Park's 'QCR' & 'Customer Focus'.

Easy in & out with your bankcard. By presenting a Maestro debit card when entering and exiting, an amount up to EUR 50 can be paid at the exit without having to enter a PIN.

Pre-book. You can now book your parking space at various Q-Park parking facilities. For a fixed fee, several hours or days, with the option to drive in and out as often as you like.

Outsource parking operations. Q-Park's video for landlords and property owners who are considering outsourcing their parking operations to a professional, efficient and innovative partner.

EV-charging while parking. Charge your car while parked at Q-Park.

Q-Park's video to celebrate Ward Vleugels' (Q-Park's founding father) vision and courage. In his honour and together with the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Q-Park has developed the Q-Park Ward Vleugels Master Thesis Award.

This is an award for the best master thesis on mobility and parking. Students are invited to compete.

International Parking Institute video 'Parking Matters'.

Making parking professionals part of a city's planning process.

Amsterdam 1950

Dutch video showing that parking problems are nothing new.

Chicago 1900
Video showing that mobility issues have been around for a long time.