POIs improve performance

Anticipate the customer journey

According to Wikipedia, a Point of Interest, or POI, is a specific location that someone may find useful or interesting. The term is often used in navigation systems for finding locations such as hotels, museums, campsites, fuel stations and car parks.

When people are planning a day out or a trip, they search the internet for tips and information about what they want to visit and how to get there. They plan their journey and will want to travel as quickly and comfortably as possible, often by car.

The customer journey invariably includes parking the car. Helping your customer find a place to park in advance will benefit your interests too. Visitors will have less to worry about on the way and will arrive relaxed and cheerful (and are likely to spend more, according to behavioural science studies).

Yet, visitors don't think of car parks, they think of Christmas shopping, visiting a museum or a winter fair, going out for diner or a night at the theatre. But if you are responsible for a POI, an event, or for local tourism – how can you help visitors to make their journey as easy as possible? And if you are responsible for a car park, how can you reach those visitors coming for shopping and leisure?

Easy search, navigation & access

People search first for their destination, their POI, and secondly for a place to park their car. It is therefore important to know which points of interest, what potential destinations your car park serves.

Identifying and listing points of interest in the vicinity of a parking facility is not an easy task but something we at Q-Park do diligently. We also endeavour to provide navigation guidance and pre-booking to make the journey even more convenient.

We've integrated very smart and intuitive search engine functionality in our websites and we also indicate how long the walk is to the final destination. And many POIs offer a reciprocal service by including a link to our parking facility and pre-booking services in their site.

If you would like us to list your POI or you have a car park you want to be found, why not register your POI or car park in our platform and we'll take care of the rest.