Clerys, Dublin

Clerys department store

Through an alliance and co-branding with Clerys, a top department store in Dublin, the parking facility broke new ground in creating a new kind of partnership.

Q-Park Clerys, just off the main street, O’Connell Street, is a brand that blends quality and tradition. It delivers what customers want; convenience, quality, trust.

"Under Clerys' clock" is a well-known rendez-vous. It is famous in the city's culture as a place where many romances begin.


A total investment of EUR 11 million, including purchase of the freehold from Dublin City Council, meant that the development was transformed into Ireland’s first 5-star parking facility that set new, higher standards for quality in car parking in Ireland.

Name change

Marlborough Street was the original car park name, but the street name is not well known. Visitors to the city centre often refer to the location as being 'at the back of Clerys'.

As the Clerys department store is a landmark site and it is less than 2 minutes walk from the car park, we renamed the car park 'Q-Park Clerys' to meet the needs of both parties.

  • Q-Park gets access to a key audience
  • Clerys gets a quality branded parking facility
  • The brand pinpoints the location
  • Targeted marketing campaigns to shared customers

Q-Park Ireland Head Office

The parking facility is home to Q-Park Head Office in Ireland. Q-Park took this strategic decision to ensure that management are close to the customer and have a hands-on involvement in day-to-day operations.

Map of Clerys car park and Head Office

Q-Park Clerys - Before & After

Q-Park Clerys - Before & After

Facts & Figures

  • First opened in 1984
  • Renovated in Q-Park housestyle - official re-launch in September 2007
  • Investment EUR 11 million, including purchase of freehold
  • Number of levels: 5
  • Number of spaces: increased from 512 to 609
  • Extension is column free
  • Wide angled parking
  • Open: 24h/7
  • Staff present: 1
  • Q-Park Ireland’s Head Office integrated
  • Lodge relocated beside pedestrian access/exit
  • A new modern exterior which greatly enhances the streetscape