Hospital car park solutions

Whatever hospital, medical or health centre you have - we have an appropriate parking solution

Specialists in parking

Many hospitals have a car park that quickly becomes full at peak hours giving patients and visitors additional stress. Land is often available for expansion, but not the financing or know-how.

Surgeon, nurse or financial controller – everyone should do what they do best. Now, you mustn't ask us how to carry out a bypass operation, but one thing we do know a lot about is smart parking solutions that deliver an attractive return as well as satisfied patients, visitors and staff.

Combined expertise

Our full-service hospital car park solution is an initiative of Q-Park (design & exploitation), Holland Immo Group (finance & investment) and Ten Brinke Group (development & construction).

The combined expertise of these three partners includes the successful financing, construction and exploitation of numerous car parks at national and international locations. Together, they provide the ideal ‘Parking Solution'.

An integrated parking solution

When a hospital decides to outsource parking, they will want to consider their options carefully.

  • What about continuity and quality of the service provided?
  • How to maintain influence and control over parking policy and tariffs?
  • How to ensure that a structurally favourable situation is created for the hospital and its visitors, as well as for investment partners?

User friendly and cost efficient

Customised solutions in consultation with you

Q-Park and its partners work together in close consultation with you, the client. Your needs and requirements are vitally important to reach an integral, customised parking concept that is user friendly and cost efficient.

Input & mathematical model

A comprehensive mathematical model which we have developed specially for hospitals provides important input for our final design proposal.

We validate data such as the average number of outpatient visits, parking duration per visitor, the number of employees and season ticket holders, the level of the parking tariff, and the ratio of revenue to operational lease costs.

A direct financial benefit

This mathematical model shows two variants of the financial benefits to the hospital with a direct correlation to the desired parking tariff.

Economically advantageous for all parties

You might be wondering what the catch is. We can assure you that there is none. The three partners' proposition is of course financially interesting for the partners too.

This is only possible because we know what we are talking about – with additional value creation as a result. We build, finance, and operate car parks throughout Europe and constantly monitor and optimise parking data.

This leads to a clear vision regarding the use of the parking space and cost control, and thus the continued profitability of the parking services provided.

And – equally important – it ensures satisfied visitors.

Our concept

For a hospital, a car park is generally not part of the core business. Q-Park and its partners offer you a compressive business case by separating the financing, ownership, and exploitation of your car park from the hospital.

It could work like this.

  • Using an investment fund managed by Holland Immo Group, land is acquired specifically for the car park.
  • The hospital receives a lump sum for this immediately.
  • Ten Brinke Group subsequently builds a modern parking facility, also financed by the investment fund.

So the hospital does not need to agree any financing and runs no maintenance or operational risk. This risk lies with Holland Immo Group and Q-Park.

The hospital does, however, keep control over the operational quality and parking tariffs. Specific agreements can be made per location regarding additional, periodic payments to the hospital.