Finlandia, Helsinki

Finlandia Hall

“The stylish multifunctional parking facility.”

Q-Park Finlandia has 650 spaces serving an urban oasis for residents and tourists alike, where culture, politics, tourism and the media world meet.

The parking facility is used during the day time by office workers and congress guests, in the evening by concert visitors and during nights by residents.

Located in the centre of Helsinki on Töölö Bay, it is easily accessible from the main road of Helsinki, Mannerheimintie and it is the first down town car park for motorists coming from the North. Finlandia Hall (congress and event venue) is a landmark, it is a masterpiece of architect Alvar Aalto and well known all over the world.

Map of the area

  1. Finlandia Hall
  2. Helsinki Music Centre
  3. Hakasalmi Villa - museum
  4. National Museum of Finland
  5. Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art
  6. Parliament of Finland
  7. Forum Shopping Centre
  8. Department Store Sokos
  9. Shopping Centre Kaivopiha
  10. Railway Station
  11. Bus Station & Shopping Centre Kamppi
  12. Four office headquarters 


Finlandia Park and area

The parking facility was part of the construction of a new urban environment called “Finlandia Park” which encompasses the new Music Centre, Finlandia Hall congress and concert centre, the National Opera, the City Museum and Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art.

The estimated cost of the City’s investments in Finlandia Park area is EUR 80-90 million. The value of investments made by others than the City is estimated at about EUR 220 million.

Q-Park Finlandia

The car park was blasted in bedrock (over 140,000 m3 of stones). It has 2 parking levels (20,200m2), of which the lowest is at 18 metres below the surface. The western parking bay is 237*18 metres and 4.5 metres high.

Q-Park Finlandia routing

The cultural experience starts from the high-class and high-quality finished pedestrian entrances, which were designed by artists. Four pedestrian access routes (two serves 24/7) and 9 elevators together with 5 payment machines further enhance customer experience, while the carefully selected surface materials, lightings and green plant walls escort all parking guests to their destination.

Special Features

Pedestrian access routes

  • Natural stone floors and acoustic ceiling in pedestrian entrances
  • The car park can function as a civil defence shelter for 3,800 people
  • Energy saving lights and waste heating energy recovery systems
  • Traffic maintenance of Finlandia Hall, Music Centre and National Museum via the car park tunnel system makes it comfortable and secure
  • Two-way barriers system maximises access / exit

Facility in blasted bedrock

Safety & Security

  • Clear, clean, column free spacious environment
  • Wide and well-lit heated ramps
  • Energy efficient light fittings with motion detectors
  • Clear signage and guidance system in Finnish & Swedish
  • CCTV
  • Glass fronted lodge and pedestrian lobby doors
  • Smoke and CO ventilation system
  • Coating totally fire resistant (code A.)
  • Licence plate recognition for access /exit
  • Air curtain prevent the tunnel from freezing
  • Parking Host on site during rush hours
  • Automatic Emergency Defibrillator
  • Electric car charging points
  • The “Antellin aukio” access avoids pedestrians crossing the main road