Emerging trends in parking

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

by: Qurius

The International Parking Institute (IPI) has published the report '2015 Emerging Trends in Parking'. According to the results of their survey, technology and the desire for more liveable, walkable, sustainable communities continues to transform the ever-evolving parking industry.

For the first time since the survey was initiated in 2012, the desire for more livable, walkable communities has emerged as the single-most significant societal change affecting the parking industry (cited by 47 percent of respondents), ahead of the “changing commute/driving preferences of millennials” (41 percent), “increase in traffic congestion” (38 percent), and “focus on the environment and sustainability” (36 percent).

IPI Parking Trends 2015 What societal changes are influencing parking.PNG

Download the 2015 IPI report here.