Since the start of our operations in 1998, our focus has been on delivering quality-driven paid and regulated parking to our customers. This approach has proven to be successful, as customers tell us that they appreciate an accessible and well organised car park that is safe and secure, clean and tidy, pleasant to use and easy to access.

Our search for the right paid and regulated parking model has also given us a deep understanding of the economic, social and environmental contribution that effective paid and regulated parking can bring to the urban environment.

Functional quality

More than any other operator, we have transformed the customer experience of parking into one that is a valued part of their journey. And it is this focus on functional quality that determines our choice of locations, partners and the technology we implement, and it shapes our approach on the future of parking.

Regulated parking

We will continue to advocate the benefits of regulated and paid parking. While some car users believe free car parking is a ‘right’, the streets of our towns and cities are increasingly filled with cars searching for a place to park. This occurs when there are too few parking spaces to meet demand. If demand rises, the price rises. The higher the price, the greater the chance of finding a place to park as price will balance demand.

Studies have shown that customers do not recognise the true costs and value of parking services. In an attempt to remedy this, we will continue to emphasise our focus on;

  • balancing supply and demand,
  • flawless operations and service, and
  • sharing knowledge with stakeholders.

Technology solutions

We invest in a range of technology solutions to create a better parking experience for our customers. These include;

  • real-time occupancy information that will direct customers to the nearest available parking space,
  • technology to support a wide range of payment options such as a travelcard, commercial partnership cards, cashless parking systems and other micropayment channels,
  • customer relationship management (CRM), and
  • social media

As an expert in the area of parking, we also invest in information technology capable of analysing parking behaviour – including payment methods, pre-bookings and occupancy levels – to help local authorities and landlords make key decisions about tariff setting. This will influence customers’ parking behaviour and support mobility policy.

Operational excellence

At the operational level, we believe in leaving nothing to chance. Our facilities are perfectly located, they are smart in appearance and easy to get in and out of. Our employees are professional, knowledgeable, well trained, and are attuned to helping customers.

In the coming years, the main thrust of our drive for continuing operational excellence will centre on expanding our Q-Park Control Room (QCR) concept and enhancing our online capabilities. The result of this will be real-time links to all connected facilities, providing consolidated occupancy information, multilingual customer support and safety and security monitoring.


We continually monitor the performance and potential of parking facilities in different types of locations and refine our portfolio to optimise returns. The focus of our operations is gradually shifting to multifunctional locations in targeted cities, where our quality services can be provided to more people during the day, evening, and night.

We understand the importance of building strong partnerships with public transport organisations and local authorities, property developers and landlords, retailers and civic groups, and various other stakeholders in the urban environment. Our facilities help make inner cities more accessible, more user-friendly, more economically successful, and more environmentally friendly.

We will continue to work with our partners and all of their user communities to increase the quality of public spaces in a sustainable and socially responsible manner.

Knowledge sharing

We share our knowledge (know-how and know-why) of paid and regulated parking, parking operations, technical and payment solutions, parking facility design and engineering, and accessible and liveable cities with all our stakeholders.

We share ideas and expertise that shape not only our thinking, behaviour and perception, but also that of our business and social environment. To be collectively productive and successful, accelerate change where needed and putting knowledge to good use, relevant information is shared by multi-media channels;

  • Q-Park Speakers & Teachers
  • Q-Park Thesis Sponsorships
  • Q-Park Internships
  • Q-Park Publications
  • Q-Park Symposiums
  • Third party publications online