Quality in parking

People above ground - cars and coaches below ground

The need for parking solutions

Throughout the developed world, cars continue to be the preferred mode of transport for large numbers of people, as cars have the very significant benefits of door-to-door capability, 24-hour availability, flexibility, privacy and at relatively low cost.

The downside, however, becomes apparent when large numbers of people want to be in the same place at the same time – this leads to traffic congestion and competition for available parking space.

Parking solutions that are intelligently designed and well located, and that are integrated with the public transport system, can help to address these challenges, and so make a major contribution to society's well-being.

Customer focus

Quality aspects that play a major role for customers are:

  • Available and well-organised space to park

  • Value for money

  • Safety and security

  • Cleanliness and tidiness

Q-Park is mindful of these customer quality requirements. Our customers know what they can expect from a Q-Park parking facility as we have a strong and recognisable quality brand. We invest in design, development and renovation of car parks and all our effective products and services meet the needs and wishes of our customers.

The strength of our brand also makes us an attractive party for existing and potential partners.

Key activities

  • We focus on value development by providing high-quality services in purpose-built parking facilities and off-street parking at strategic locations.

  • We provide services related to parking in or near multifunctional inner-city areas, at public transport interchanges and at hospitals.

  • We supply services that fulfil customers’ demands, and their need for convenience, reliability and hospitality.

Connected to our customers 24/7

We're there to help customers whenever they need us. We have improved the range and efficiency of our services by linking our car parks to Q-Park's Control Room (QCR).

Our QCR also offers support to car parks not operated by us.

Great locations

We choose our locations with great care, to provide services that meet our customers' demands while yielding a return that is sustainable and allows ongoing investment and maintenance.

To realise this, we work with local authorities, developers, institutions and investors to design, upgrade, renovate, operate and manage parking facilities that enhance the overall value of cities and regions.

Quality reputation

We are proud of the reputation we have built for quality, integrity and customer service. We believe in open communication with all stakeholders, and act on their feedback.

We strive to provide better parking facilities: better for the customer; better for the cities in which they are located; and better for the environment.