Who we are

We are one of Europe’s leading parking infrastructure owner and operator with more than 677,000 parking spaces in over 3,400 well-managed commercial parking facilities across seven Western European countries.

We mainly operate off-street parking spaces owned by us as well as parking spaces under concessions and long-term leases from public and private landlords.

We demonstrate that effective regulated and paid parking make an economic and sustainable contribution to cities and society, and that a positive parking experience impacts how people enjoy their visit, journey, shopping, commute or residence.

We have numerous mobility hubs which provide access to a variety of sustainable mobility services. Supporting urban accessibility, sustainability and liveability.

We provide sustainable mobility services such as:

  • last mile logistics and locker walls;

  • EV charging points and EV fleet charging hubs;

  • public transport, car sharing and bicycle parking.

Sustainable Mobility

Mobility hubs are the solution

We seek to combine public and private modes of transport with public and private parking facilities. When transport nodes converge, they form a hub, making individual and sustainable mobility feasible. Meeting the needs of residents, commuters, visitors and the economic function of an urban area.

Sustainable Mobility Partner (SMP)

As sustainable mobility partner, Q-Park helps get SUMPs moving in the right direction. We contribute our considerable knowledge and experience. Together with our partners we seek ways to make sustainable mobility in urban areas successful. Measures we can help introduce include:

  • transitioning from on-street to off-street parking;

  • transforming search traffic to destination traffic with smart navigation and pre-booking;

  • facilitating EV charging and shared mobility;

  • providing bicycle parking solutions;

  • offering logistics services at the edge of the city and before low- and zero-emission zones.