Sustainable Mobility Hub services

Q-Park’s Sustainable Mobility Hubs lead the way

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Sandwell hospital car park

Parking solution eases challenges for NHS Trusts

Market-leading parking solution eases parking and estate management challenges for NHS Trusts.

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Park Lane

London mobility benefits from Park Lane hub services

Besides car parking for residents, commuters and visitors, this sustainable mobility hub offers access to shared mobility, public transport, last-mile logistics and bicycle parking.

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France Toulon Refurbishments Visual Art

Exemplary car park renovation in Toulon, France

Setting a new standard for design, comfort, service, sustainable and aesthetic car parking. Q-Park France has completed one of the most innovative car park renovations in Europe.

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Cassine Gare facade.jpg

Cassine Gare, Chambéry

A EUR 10 million smart, sustainable and social structure with 479 parking spaces, integrated in the public bus station and directly connected to the SNCF train station.

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2_France_Chartres_Conversion_Visual_Pedestrian signage_TDF_3151_Studio_Erick_Saillet.jpg

Transformation: private car park for public use

It made sense to transform a private facility into a public car park. It is innovative, affordable and socially responsible with far less environmental impact.

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Antwerp Steendok

New underground car park: Steendok in Antwerp

This is the first of two underground car parks being built at the site of Antwerp’s former docks. This development moves surface parking underground. The historical dock walls have been preserved and are visible on level -1.

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Key visual crop.png

Partnership optimises spaces & convenience

When the attention shifts to parking, the typical developer wants to squeeze in as many parking spaces as possible.

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Karstadt, Bielefeld Germany

Innovative approach to car park renovation

Q-Park acquired the Karstadt car park in Bielefeld, Germany in 2009. The structure originally built in 1965 required considerable maintenance after the concrete had suffered years of damage from corrosion caused by de-icing salts.

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shutterstock_1434712874 resilience.jpg

The art of the possible

Q-Park shows its resilience and its resolve to make the most of the situation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Q-Park’s commitment and care for the communities in which we operate means we will help wherever we can.

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