Parking solution eases challenges for NHS Trusts

Market-leading parking solution eases parking and estate management challenges for NHS Trusts.

Sandwell hospital car park

Car park entrance with greenery, contributing to climate control

Q-Park UK and Sandwell NHS Trust in Birmingham have partnered so Q-Park can take care of parking while the NHS Trust focuses on delivering healthcare. This partnership includes modernising and expanding the number of parking spaces available to staff and patients.

Q-Park has a long history of partnering with healthcare providers in all the countries in which it operates across Europe and offers healthcare centre solutions.

The new multistorey car park at Sandwell General Hospital provides some 1,000 new parking spaces, primarily intended for staff and eases parking pressure for both staff and patients.

Good parking facilities help a hospital run smoothly. Staff arrive relaxed and on time at the start of their shift and patients arrive with lower anxiety levels. All this helps improve healthcare delivery. Read more about our Nine specialist tips for hospital parking.

Carbon-neutral features

Q-Park is committed to creating carbon-neutral parking facilities and this scheme at Sandwell General Hospital is just one aspect of Q-Park’s strategy to deliver on its sustainability plans.

Q-Park grasps every opportunity to install PV panels wherever possible and this new facility at Sandwell General Hospital is no exception. PV panels are installed above the parking spaces on the top parking deck, providing shade for parked cars and generating electricity for the parking facility.

UK Sandwell hospital car park solar panels (1)

PV panels on the upper parking deck also provide shade

The electricity generated is used to power the majority of car park equipment, this includes the barrier equipment, energy-efficient LED lighting and the large number of EV charging points on-site.

Any excess power generated is sold back to the National Grid. This allows the property owner, in this case the Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust, to benefit from reduced energy charges and contributes to reducing overall running costs.

Cost effective simplicity

The minimalistic simplicity of this no-nonsense parking facility is surprisingly aesthetically pleasing. The facade is clad with open-weave metal panels allowing daylight to illuminate the parking decks and providing natural ventilation. This reduces the need for artificial lighting and mechanical ventilation.

UK Sandwell hospital car park facade

Open-weave facade provides natural ventilation

The grassed area at the entrance allows rainfall to drain away naturally and the trees provide additional shade to the car park decks.

Watch this short video for a test drive through the car park.