Healthcare centre solutions

Healthcare centre solutions

In the dynamic healthcare market – consider the ageing population, consolidation and the shift from long-term hospitalisation to out-patient treatment – offering parking facilities is a supplementary service to the core activities of the hospital: the provision of healthcare.

The healthcare industry is increasingly characterised by multifunctional centres that offer general and specialist care at a variety of levels. From family doctors’ practices to highly specialised centres in the form of a healthcare arcade.

These large-scale centres with a regional function are often located outside the urban centres. In some cases a healthcare centre is connected with public transport but usually people are obliged to travel by car.

Healthcare partners

Until recently, opportunities for parking companies in the healthcare sector were mostly based on management contracts or short-term lease contracts. However, over the past few years we have developed a number of projects where hospital parking facilities are financed through a strategic Public Private Partnerships between Q-Park, trusts and healthcare centres.

Today, we work closely with healthcare partners to deliver customised healthcare parking solutions, ensuring that the needs of hospital car park users – patients, staff and visitors – are fully met. We provide innovative and flexible thinking, financial investment and comfort for all visitors.

Understanding the challenges

We understand the challenges of delivering outstanding healthcare parking solutions, and recognise that a hospital is rarely a destination of choice. People may arrive worried, fearful or angry or may just have heard distressing news at the hospital. Visitors need a parking service that operates as smoothly and conveniently as possible, so there’s one less thing to worry about.

Our proposals are designed to:

  • Meet the trust’s main objective of improving patient and visitor access

  • Contribute to the overall quality of care provision, within a sustainable travel plan

  • Deliver full flexibility for trust policies

  • Provide appropriate investments, enabling hospitals to concentrate on healthcare

To offer comfort for people in need of special care, we adapt our parking facilities. Our healthcare parking facilities offer a range of adapted solutions, such as:

  • Extra wide parking spaces for the disabled

  • Special payment machines at wheelchair height

  • Wheelchair availability

  • Various safety and security measures

  • Clearly marked pedestrian signage and improved routing

  • Specially trained parking hosts