EPA Awards

The European Parking Award has been instituted by the European Parking Association (EPA) as a biennial award for excellence in parking. Prizes are awarded in each of the following categories;

  • Category 1 New parking structures

  • Category 2 Renovated parking structures

  • Category 3 Public space on-street parking projects

  • Category 4 Innovative schemes for off-street parking

  • Category 5 Marketing & communication (as of 2015)

The objective of the awards is to promote qualitative improvements in both on-street and off-street public car parking and the contribution of parking policy to Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans.

In particular, the awards seek to promote improvements in services provided to customers, effective and sustainable management of the facilities and contribution to urban development. The awards also aim to promote the development of good working practices in on-street parking.

Q-Park award winning propositions:

2021: Digital partnerships based on APIs & URLs, Q-Park Belgium

2017: Cashless & Contactless Payments, Q-Park NV

2017: Prevent Smash & Grab, the Netherlands

2015: Open Data Platform, the Netherlands

2015: PrĂ© des PĂȘcheurs, Antibes, France

2013: Grote Markt, Tongeren, Belgium

2013: Q-Park & Maastricht Bereikbaar, the Netherlands

2011: Lyon Perrache Archives La Confluence, France

2011: Stockmann Q-Park, Helsinki, Finland

2009: Liverpool ONE, Liverpool, UK

2007: Spaarne Hospital, Hoofddorp, the Netherlands

2007: Mosae Forum, Maastricht, the Netherlands

2005: Waterloo Street, Glasgow, UK

2005: Parking sector prize: Groningen Ossenmarkt, the Netherlands

2003: Zuidplein, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

2001: Museumplein, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

1999: Laakhaven, The Hague, the Netherlands

BPA & IPA Awards

The BPA awards are granted by the British Parking Association and the IPA awards by the Irish Parking Association, based on objectives similar to those of the EPA.

Q-Park award winning propositions:

2022: Parking operator of the year (BPA)

2011: Best of the Best Award for 10 years of parking excellence (BPA)

2011: Best Refurbished Car Park, Q-Park Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow (BPA)

2011: Best New Car Park - Commended - Q-Park Rockingham Street, Sheffield (BPA)

2008: Clerys, Dublin, Ireland (IPA)

2008: Victoria Square, Belfast, Ireland (IPA)

2006: Best New Car Park, Q-Park Taunton, Taunton (BPA)

2006: Grand Parade, Cork, Ireland (IPA)

2006: Red Cow Luas, Dublin, Ireland (IPA)

2004: Best Refurbishment Q-Park Candleriggs, UK (BPA)

RIBA Awards

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) awards reward 'the excellent work being done by RIBA members around the world'.

Q-Park award winning car park

2009: Charles Street, Sheffield, UK