Finding parking, a significant pain-point

Thursday, 21 January 2016

by: Qurius

On 12% of journeys in the UK, motorists find parking a significant pain-point (14% in cities and 19% in London). (By Catapult Transport Systems)

To achieve traveller acceptance and tangible reduction in time spent searching for parking, a sufficiently high coverage of ‘smart parking bays’ would be required – particularly in areas of high demand (e.g. urban areas).

There is a plethora of different technologies and applications available in this space, including road sensors, CCTV (image recognition), vehicle connectivity, and crowdsourcing of information. These will vary significantly in terms of the capital and operating costs, but will also offer different levels of accuracy and adjacent benefits. It is likely that a blend of technologies will be used and integrated eventually.

Successful solutions will deliver seamless traveller experiences and desirable benefits, such as integrated payment. Space reservation is the most valued aspect and should be offered where possible. There is, however, a need to understand the impact this will have on achievable space utilisation and to measure how traveller parking behaviours change once the ability to reserve space becomes more widespread.

Finally, integration with enforcement will ensure not only back-end cost savings but also a reliable user experience for travellers.