This CCTV & ANPR Code covers the use of closed circuit television (CCTV) in Q-Park facilities, both for security purposes and for automatic number plate recognition (ANPR). While the code sets out the company’s policies and understanding of international good practice, different countries may have particular regulatory provisions that Q-Park operators need to take into account in developing their operating procedures.

The code incorporates a company-wide set of standards the objective of which is to ensure that good practice standards are adopted throughout Q-Park, that customers are confident that Q-Park operates within the law and to high standards, and that the business derives maximum benefit from available technology.

All Q-Park operators are required to comply with this code.

Because CCTV can record the activities of individuals, its use is regulated by the EU Data Protection Directive, as transposed into law in all EU countries1. There are some differences in how the law applies in different countries. In all cases, however, the rights of the people recorded (the data subjects) must be respected.

  1. We assume that a similar directive exists in Norway.

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