Sponsorship is romantic! – Or not?

In many companies sponsorship is treated that way, it is romanticised. But for Q-Park, sponsorship is an investment. An investment in a commercial partnership through which we wish to achieve quantifiable corporate marketing and/or country marketing returns. Sponsorship must be a strategic fit, it must meet multiple strategic objectives.

With sponsoring, Q-Park intends to engender loyalty and/or find new customers, because sponsorship uses an event or activity that interests our target market. We identify and acknowledge the specific emotional and functional reasons that interest our target market and ways to improve and enhance their experience. With sponsorship we want to add value to our customers' experience and create a real impact.

Sponsorship is a means for Q-Park to enhance the relevance of our parking facilities to our target market and our customers’ lives. We use sponsorship as a vehicle to strengthen relationships, enhance our reputation, educate the marketplace or to underpin our positioning. We accomplish this by aligning one or more of our key attributes with attributes of the event that are important to our target market.

This code sets out the general framework of our commitment to sponsorship, internal responsibilities and reporting. It also details how sponsorships are to be conducted. This sponsorship code will be reviewed, evaluated and updated regularly.

Q-Park definitions


Sponsoring is an investment in sport, the arts, a charitable cause, an educational organisation, a community or municipal event or programme, an individual or a broadcast. Sponsorship investments have a reasonable expectation of achieving at least three marketing and/or communication objectives and are generally funded from a marketing budget.


Philanthropy is a donation made with no expectation of commercial return and is generally not funded from marketing budgets.

Q-Park sponsoring & philanthropy objectives

  • Add value to current and potential customers, commercial partners and/or other stakeholders.
  • Create a focal point for promotions.
  • Create a quality parking experience.
  • Foster an endorsement by an individual or organisation.
  • Increase employee morale and/or knowledge level and/or retention.
  • Create opportunities for networking, creating, building and/or retaining business relationships.