Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) Installations

Power to the people

Q-Park parking facilities depend on a wide array of mechanical and electrical (M&E) installations to operate effectively and efficiently.

M&E Cables

Figure 1 - Parking facilities depend on a wide array of mechanical and electrical (M&E) installations.

Considering others when building parking facilities

When designing a parking facility under other functions such as retail, offices and/or housing, we liaise with all parties involved so all M&E installation needs can be planned for maximum efficiency and safety.

Together we create colour-coded sectional drawings to indicate the coordinated M&E installations for the entire parking facility and each parking deck. These show details including foul and surface water drainage, power cables, electrical supplies, fire alarm positions, sensor positions, lighting, ventilation and water mains.

M&E Colour coded

Figure 2 - Colour-coded sectional drawings to indicate coordinated M&E installations.

How do you integrate technical aspects with parking?

We prefer to not install vertical containments such as conduits, cable trays, channels or risers behind parking spaces. When needed, we place these in the interval between two spaces or in corners. And horizontal containments are installed in such a way as to not impinge upon parking spaces or have an adverse effect on lighting levels.

How do you ensure sufficient electrical capacity?

We coordinate all services that require power and actively calculate for sufficent capacity to meet our needs. This includes efficient use of the capacity installed for mandatory fire fighting concepts, while allowing for consumption by other purposes such as safety systems and car charging.

M&E Car charging

Figure 3 - Sufficient capacity to include the power needed for charging cars.

What about emergencies or regional power failures?

Our electrical system has extra capacity, as well as fail-proof double connections to the local network or an independent generator for emergency operation. Whatever happens in the outside world, Q-Park will remain operational and ready for parking.