Public transport hub

Q-Park - your urban mobility partner!

Over 110,000 parking spaces at public transport nodes!

We play a role in ensuring sustainable transport and mobility options, which is why we offer parking for cars at public transport nodes. Convenient parking near public transport solutions encourages motorists to travel part of their journey by bus, metro, tram or train and what’s more, it helps reduce congestion and emissions in cities.

Transport hub PWPR

Figure 1 - Convenient parking at walking distance or at public transport nodes helps reduce congestion and emissions in cities.

Informing customers reduces inner-city traffic! 

We provide information about parking tariff schemes for all our parking facilities in an urban area so motorists can make an informed decision. Do they park close to their final destination and pay more, or further away at a Park+Walk or Park+Ride and pay less?

We also provide information about numbers of vacant spaces at our parking facilities via parking route information systems (PRIS). And of course, whenever possible, we like to share relevant information with smartphone and navigation apps.

Parking, a key instrument to regulate mobility!

We are an integral part of the mobility chain. We work together with local authorities to create effective and efficient urban mobility solutions which include Park+Walk and Park+Ride facilities as well as city centre car parks.

Transport hub city centre solutions

Figure 2 - Parking is an integral part of urban mobility solutions.

In the Netherlands, we partner with the national railways to provide P+R facilities at train stations. In Brussels, we provide connectivity with international train services. We collaborate with transport providers to provide combined parking and public transport solutions, including access and payment options.

Transport hub intl trains

Figure 3 - Partnerships with train services, including access and payment options, enhances the journey of our customers.

Parking Facilities as Mobility Hubs - it works both ways!

Our parking facilities at transport hubs offer space to car sharing schemes as well as bicycle hire plans. So, if you arrive at a city by plane or train, you can travel on to your final destination by car or bike. Many of these are environmentally friendly e-cars or e-bikes.