How to achieve smart parking operations

The right service at the right time

Parking facilities are often part of a real customer journey. Customers should experience a welcoming and safe environment with the same ‘look and feel’ that they will receive at their destination: convenience, reliability and more often than not, hospitality.

Operations How to achieve service level

Figure 1 - Parking facility services should add up to true customer and destination value. The right service at the right time.

Services that add up to true value

Parking facility services should add up to true customer and destination value:

  • Easy access by car and by foot, whether people are entering or exiting;
  • Dimensions of parking spaces and width of driving lanes that make sense;
  • Logically located payment machines and other items such as shopping trolleys;
  • Clearly marked walking routes to points of interest;
  • Clean and easy to find toilets;
  • Comfortable lighting levels.

Meeting your goals

How can landlords of parking facilities add value to their property? In part, by ensuring real synergy between their goals and ambitions and how they want the parking facility to be operated. It’s a fact that first impressions are crucial, so their parking facility … a reception area of sorts … should offer the right experience from the start.

From a landlord’s perspective, its operation should provide the level of service they want to achieve, without any headaches, and should be budget neutral or even generate revenue.

Operations How to achieve Parking Host thumbs up

Figure 2 - We balance on-site and remote operational actitivities to ensure parking facilities run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Licence to operate

At the same time, each parking facility is unique, with specific asset maintenance needs and individual features that fit in with local circumstances and serve local needs. Landlords need an analysis of requirements, tasks and functions to achieve the best solution per customer group, be they short-term parkers, residents or commuters.

The service levels landlords and their customers require should be clear. They also need to know what it means to have a ‘licence to operate’ within their community, with clear ways to improve the availability, safety, reliability and longevity of the property.

A partner with expertise to achieve your ambitions

Of course, landlords who collaborate with Q-Park have an expert partner at their disposal to help them achieve all these goals. Q-Park excels at balancing on-site and remote operational activities to ensure that your parking facility runs as smoothly and effectively as possible. For instance, cleaning and maintenance fall clearly within the realm of on-site activities. But you can optimise safety monitoring and customer assistance through Q-Park’s off-site solutions.

Open 24/7

We integrate our CCTV (our ‘eyes in the sky’) with our well-staffed and professional control room. It offers a broad range of help and information services and is available 24/7 for easy and efficient customer support. It provides the benefits of technology with a human face, and in the customer’s language.

The right service at the right time

In fact, we work very hard to provide an immediate and satisfying response to most common customer queries – the right service at the right time. We can reduce equipment downtime with remote connection to parking management systems, doors and gates. And we can stay in control of the parking facility during peak and off-peak hours through the smart and pro-active scheduling of on-site Parking Hosts, balanced with the ability to dispatch Mobile Teams at a moment’s notice.

The best possible customer journey, now and in the future

Of course, specific customer factors will always change as society changes. A landlord who partners in a portfolio of parking facilities, can add value by exploring answers to – and integrating solutions for – these changing customer needs efficiently. These solutions include technical and digital innovations that add value, and constantly improve processes to ensure that your parking facility meets current and future key performance indicators such as customer satisfaction, utilisation rates, and financial results.