Our 2017 CSR results on car charging stations

Car charging stations up 35%

Our vision on paid parking implies that we not only add financial value, through our activities we also add societal value for a multitude of stakeholders. We contribute to societal value as our parking products improve the quality of life in urban areas and help reduce air pollution generated by traffic cruising for a place to park.

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Our aim in society is to be an integral part of city mobility policy, enable access to essential urban functions and to work towards sustainable freedom of movement.

We achieve this through adopting a fair pricing policy, facilitating good information provision about available parking spaces, and integrating with alternative modes of transport.

We support the use of more sustainable passenger cars by providing charging stations for electric and hybrid cars at many of our parking facilities. We offer reserved parking spaces for customers participating in car sharing initiatives. In doing this, we offer motorists plenty of choice and help ensure the smooth flow of traffic.

We have substantially increased the number of spaces we allocate to car sharing schemes and the number of car charging stations in our parking facilities. In 2017, the number of spaces we allocate to car sharing schemes increased by 17 percent to 852. The number of parking spaces reserved for car charging increased by 35 percent to 1,117.

Parking spaces reserved for electric and shared cars