Our 2017 CSR results on carbon footprint

Carbon footprint down 6%

Our vision on paid parking implies that we not only add financial value, through our activities we also add societal value for a multitude of stakeholders. Regulated and paid parking, preferably in clean and safe parking facilities, offer an answer to current and future challenges posed by the urban environment.

However, Q-Park is also a large consumer of electricity, for lighting (to improve safety) and operational equipment, as well as for charging electric cars. We therefore seek to reduce our energy consumption and thus our carbon footprint.

The average carbon footprint per parking space is now 6 percent lower than in 2016. We have achieved this through the Q-Park energy-saving programme which is demonstrating clear benefits – in financial terms as well as in our environmental impact.

  • We procure our energy on a larger scale by means of a central purchasing policy and have operational action plans to consume fewer kWh ourselves.
  • Our average carbon footprint per parking space decreased from an average of 149 kg in 2016 to 140 kg per space in 2017.
Carbon footprint per parking space per type of structure