Parking as a Smart Service

Innovation – creating a seamless journey

From Cashless to Ticketless to Cardless car parking

Q-Park PaSS – Parking as a Smart Service. The latest value-adding service from Q-Park’s innovators.

In 2016 Q-Park pioneered cashless and ticketless parking that enables customers to access and exit a parking facility using their bank card or credit card. This latest Q-Park innovation has taken parking convenience a step further – from cashless to ticketless to cardless parking – no bank or credit card required.

Cardless parking is more than ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) because it includes payment, it is ANPR+PAY. A true seamless customer journey including payment – future-proof from start to finish.

Q-Park PaSS is an experience delivery innovation! Q-Park PaSS is based on well-known innovation principles with an emphasis on getting the job done, and simplicity.

Q-Park PaSS is an evolutionary innovation combining ANPR technology with digital payment solutions and Q-Park's proprietary Back Office Calculation (BOC) module. Now, we can integrate the Parking Management System (PMS) at access and exit points with Q-Park’s BOC to create a seamless, fair and transparent parking experience.

Q-Park PaSS is a value-adding innovation as it includes:

  • significant cost savings on PMS procurement for landlords (fewer and less complex PMSs);

  • convenient internal and external back-office integration with Q-Park's business partners;

  • opportunities to optimise parking capacity, reduce parking search traffic, enhance service levels and target specific customer groups.

Q-Park PaSS is an ecosystem. It is a collaborative economic innovation because in recent years, boundaries between industries have become blurred and customers are hyper-connected. Everyone now has access to ambient intelligence and connectivity, boundless information and unlimited choices.

Understanding this created the opportunity to grow our business by delivering and capturing value from innovation with a variety of business partners. Together we considered how to:

  • simplify the various steps a parking customer needs to take (literally and figuratively) and we innovated to make these steps as simple as possible;

  • connect the various sales & service channels a customer uses and we innovated for transparency, flexibility and freedom of choice;

  • plan adaptively for businesses who wish to offer parking as part of their service and we innovated to ensure seamless integration with their back-office systems.

Q-Park PaSS is adaptive, scalable and can be replicated. This allows for growth, cross-border processing and effective service. Our innovative approach is:

  • business driven, in line with strategy and demand;

  • cost efficient and offers value for money;

  • standardised, integrated and compliant with legislation.

Q-Park PaSS is implemented in parking facilities in Belgium. It works, provides real time customer data, and demonstrates a variety of co-creation cases with business partners:

  • PaSS integrated with KBC, providing effortless parking for their banking clients;

  • PaSS integrated with EasyPark, providing an integrated on-street and off-street solution for their app users.

Q-Park PaSS offers solutions for:

  • Customers who park

  • Partner Platforms serving large customer groups

  • Sales Channels providing pre-booking services

Customer offering is payment integration

It is a Smart Service with a payment integration: motorists registered with the service can access and exit a Q-Park parking facility with no effort on site whatsoever!

The number plate is the ticket, the registered bank account the payment device. This is the same for short-term visitors and for season ticket holders (residents and commuters) alike.

Partner Platform offering is system integration

It is a Smart Service in a dynamic ecosystem as it enables us to integrate and partner with banks, on-street parking service providers, car manufacturers, fleet owners, et cetera.

Integrated systems enable number plate validation and payment processing. Privacy issues are circumvented as no detailed customer information is required.

Sales Channel offering is service integration

It is a Smart Service for businesses who wish to offer pre-booked and pre-paid parking services for their customers. PaSS is a very attractive innovation for event organisers, hotels and cinemas, airline and cruise ship operators, to name a few.

Your customers pre-book your service and opt-in for parking – creating a seamless customer journey from start to finish.

Q-Park PaSS offers integrated Parking & Payment solutions

We welcome your co-creation ideas.

E-mail them to [email protected].

Innovation – Creating a seamless journey From Cashless to Ticketless to Cardless car parking