LED - Proven Energy Efficiency

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LED Transformation Project update

Our accelerated LED Transformation Project commenced in 2018, the objectives being to reduce our energy consumption by more than 20%, save EUR 2.6 million in energy costs per year and decrease our carbon footprint by 7,200 tons annually.

These savings are cumulative, so by 2025 the investment of EUR 15 million will be repaid and we will have saved more than 140 GWh of electricity, equivalent to more than 50,000 tonnes of CO2.

Number of parking facilities in the project

By the close of 2019, more than 300 parking facilities will be have been fitted with energy-saving lighting solutions:

  • 100 facilities refitted between 2013 and 2016
  • 59 facilities refitted in 2017 and 2018
  • 147 facilities to be refitted by end 2019

Naturally, the decision to refit a parking facility with energy-saving lighting solutions depends on the business case per location. To be selected, the investment required an internal rate of return (IRR) of at least 15% and payback within 5 years.

Goals & Results

  • Efficiency
    • Reduce energy costs by 20%, EUR 2.6 million - on track
    • Reduce cost of light products by 40% - achieved
    • Reduce maintenance costs by EUR 3 million - achieved
  • Quality
    • Extend lighting product lifespan - achieved
    • Simplify installed base and maintenance processes - achieved
    • Install intelligent controls for optimal energy efficiency - achieved
  • Customer focus
    • Standardise light products - achieved
    • Improve the lighting experience for our customers - achieved
  • Ambition
    • Accelerate this project through a group-wide process - achieved
    • Complete the project by end 2019 - on track

Measurable reductions, evident savings

Berlin Alexanderplatz (DE)

  • Re-engineering installed in June 2019
  • Average reduction in kWh consumption => 42%
  • Average reduction in EUR costs to date => 53%
  • CO2 reduction => 25%
LED cost in EUR Alexanderplatz with legend
LED consumption in kWh Alexanderplatz with legend


Before redesign > 1,100 light products


After redesign & LED ≈ 750 light products

Antwerp Godefriduskaai (BE)

  • Like-for-like replacements installed in May 2019
  • Average reduction in kWh consumption => 46%
  • Average reduction in EUR costs to date => 50%
  • CO2 reduction => 31%
LED cost in EUR Godefriduskaai with legend
LED consumption in kWh Godefriduskaai with legend

Leeds Albion Street (UK)

  • Installed in November 2018
  • Average reduction in kWh consumption => 43%
  • Average reduction in EUR costs to date => 35%
  • CO2 reduction => 49%

Win-Win situation

These measurable results clearly show that investing in energy-saving lighting solutions makes sense. Not just for shareholders but all stakeholders, including the societies in which we operate.

Phase II

We have therefore identified a further 93 parking facilities for our LED transformation Phase II, to be implemented by year end 2020. The final list will be based on underlying business cases. We realise that these sites will have a longer pay-back time but the potential savings are still interesting enough for us to invest even more in LED lighting.